Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Jim Grant Interviews Ed Yardeni About His New Book
"Well I am Jim Grant and this Grant’s Interest Rate Observer of the Air and with me today is Edward Yardeni who is first and foremost the father of five and secondly is the eponym, proprietor and brain box of Yardeni Research, Inc. consulting economist. I don’t know Ed, you are a PhD in Economics but I think it is part of the high praise I’m about to lavish on you that you would never know it. Ed and I go back to the year 1800, no it was 1900 something or other. Ed got out of Cornell in 1968 and went to Yale ever so briefly to attain an MA I guess or something like that and then a PhD in Economics under the inimitable James Tobin, and he has worked all around the place on Wall Street, not to mention the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. He jokes that he cannot hold a job but he has certainly held his clients who hold him properly. Ed, you have been the vanguard of thought on things as varied as demographics, interest rates, the Cold War, and digital technology. So I think I’ll stop talking now, and welcome Ed Yardeni to Grant’s Interest Observer of the Air."

Hear entire interview here.
Larry Kudlow Interviews Ed Yardeni About His New Book
"Welcome back folks, I’m Larry Kudlow, pleasure to be back with you. Old friend of mine, one of Wall Street’s absolute top number one economic and investment strategy forecaster. He’s got a new book out, I’m talking about Dr. Ed Yardeni, President now of Yardeni Research (that’s, previously economist with Federal Reserve Bank of NY and the US Treasury. I want to say that Ed Yardeni and I were I don’t know what we were, friendly rivals, but mostly friends. Down through the years 1980s, 1990s there were three names at the top of the list of Institutional All Star Team going back. One was Ed Hyman, the other was Ed Yardeni and the other one was a wacko named Larry Kudlow, so you are going to get some great stuff here. Ed has a new book, called Predicting the Markets: A Professional Autobiography."

Hear entire interview here.